Anabolic Running Review – Build Muscle & Melt Fat

Anabolic Running is a program designed for men of any background, size and shape. This program is geared towards those who want to step up their game and take their body to the next level. This program entails a complete guide that takes you step by step through how to achieve a lean and ripped body. By providing detail on workout plans, nutrition guides, and lifestyle advice, anabolic running offers a complete solution for changing your figure for the better. What can you expect from this Anabolic Running review you might ask?

In this Anabolic running Review, I will break down the program from top to bottom. Outlined here are all the essential details of the program. By the end of this Anabolic Running review you will have a complete understanding of what you can expect to achieve through this program and determine its worth.

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Ultimately the overall goal of Anabolic running is to help you achieve a lean, muscular physique. The program provide a comprehensive strategy for systematically exercising to boost your testosterone levels. Ultimately this testosterone boost elevates your overall energy levels and sex drive. Anabolic Running claims that by spending 16 minutes a week of intense, focused and strategic running you will be able to achieve these results.

According to the program, no matter shape or age you are, it really is possible for normal guys to build eye popping muscle and tear down stubborn fat through systematic anabolic running. Research has shown that a confirmed 530% increase in growth hormone can result after you correctly implement the correct anabolic running routines. Not only can you achieve top physical shape but you also gain a flood of energy that you can use in the bedroom, sports and in every day life. According to the program, by working out the right way you can live a super charged life as if you are on pre workout all the time.

anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat

About the program… How does it work?

Ultimately the program builds off of the scientifically known concept of the lactic threshold.

The chemical that is primarily responsible for increasing you growth hormone and testosterone is lactic acid. Lactic acid is an anabolic juice that floods your bloodstream but only after your exercise intensity has reached its tipping point or the “lactic threshold” as it is known in the scientific community.
This tipping point is really what separates those who achieve head turning, cut aesthetics and those who spend hours on the treadmill and make little to no progress.

anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat

Only when you cross this lactic threshold do you actually produce significant amount of growth hormone. By lightly jogging for 10 hours you wont be engaging in exercise intense enough to actually surpass the lactic threshold. This means that by doing so you might burn a couple hundred calories, but you wont see all that much muscle growth and development.


Once you cross the lactic threshold, everything changes. You will experience a staggering increase in growth hormone after 30 seconds of passing the lactic threshold. This means that through extremely intense exercise for a short period of time, you can surpass this tipping point and throw your body into a state of intense growth and development.

anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat

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Nitric Oxide Uptake

Anabolic running also triggers another chemical that spurs muscle growth and equally important, overall energy levels. This chemical known as nitric oxide is a natural compound of the body which is also a vasodilator.  The compound relaxes and expands your blood vessel walls which allows for more blood flow to pass through your arteries. As a result, you can achieve benefits such a faster recovery from workouts, boosted energy and enhanced sex drive. As blood flow increases as a result of this nitric oxide influx, you will be able to achieve and maintain erections with ease. Being the Vasodilator that it is, nitric oxide is a compound that Viagra and other pill target. Natural stimulation of nitric acid of course renders pill like Viagra useless.

anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat

However to achieve massive gains in growth, simply doing regular interval running routines is not a viable solutions. In order to achieving gains in muscle growth while at the same time burning fat I n a relatively short amount of time you need must follow precise methodology. You can only expect the results you want by planning your workouts in a precise and systematic manner. This methodology is ultimately what the anabolic running program reveals.

Who is Joe Logalbo?

anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat

Joe Logalbo is the creator of anabolic running. As a gym fanatic and expert in nutrition and fitness, Joe reveals through the program that the same methodology he provides in his program is what keeps him energized, fit and testosterone driven. Joe Logalbo shares from his personal experience the struggles he faced as a newly wed 26 year old guy who was losing touch with his manly hood. At only 26, while training for a marathon, Joe began to lose control of his body. Oddly as he trained more and more for this marathon his body began to lose its youth and eventually he began to develop fat despite the fact that he was training hours every day.

Not only this but Joe began to notice that his sex drive was dissipating as well. A once newly wed man with all the energy in bed in the world was now beginning to lose touch with his masculinity that he once had. He simply lost all the drive he once had in every aspect of his life.

Understanding that he needed a change in his life fast, joe began to do heavy research on what he was doing wrong and how he could fix his current situation. After weeks of disciplined studying joe began to implement some of the new tactics and theories that he had learned about.

With this new anabolic fitness theory that he had uncovered, tweaked and made his own, joe began to see dramatic changes in his body. The rest was history…

anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat

How its broken down: what you can expect to get from Anabolic Running

  • How the biggest mistake people make when they attempt to try high-intensity interval and anabolic running prevents people from getting quick results
  • Ways to develop the mindset that will allow you to perform at your absolute peak so that you can look, feel, and think like a true alpha male
  • The most powerful (but little known) vitamin you should take daily to aid in boosting your overall testosterone levels
  • How anabolic training helped a 158 pound man develop a lean figure and a cut upper body
  • anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat
  • A clinically tested ancient oil is revealed that is guaranteed to increase in testosterone
  • The methods of well known Hollywood actors such as Hugh Jackman, that allow the to stay in impeccable shape despite their growing age and slowing bodies
  • Why two minutes of intense running prior to a workout can result in high amounts of testosterone being triggered during the actual workout
  • How you can be viewed as the most dominant figure at any event by boosting your sex appeal.
  • How to prevent unsafe drops in testosterone that are prone to happen your body ages
  • The quick and simple ways to eliminate erectile disfunction
  • A simple but powerful breathing technique that will fill your body with nitric oxide, one of the key fuels for growth.
  • anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat
Bonus #1: Shock and Awe Strength

This bonus report outlines how a 6 minute exercise routine can help you develop overall body strength and lean muscle. This exercise sequence is extremely specific and as a result immensely effective

Bonus #2: Testosterone Hacker Handbook

With this handbook you get 41 techniques and tricks that allow you to boost your testosterone hormone extremely quickly so that you can get the most benefit from your workouts. In addition, these testosterone boosting tricks will also allow you to boost your energy levels as well as your sex drive

Bonus #3: Food to Boost Libido-

To increase testosterone, energy levels and sex drive the bonus report provides a list of powerful super foods. Some of them are a bit uncommon but overwhelmingly effective.

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The Pros- Anabolic Running Review

anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat

  • Time saving workouts- The workouts provided through the program are short and sweet (and intense) this means that you will not need to spend hours at the gym in order to achieve the body you want. 16 minutes a week is a small price to pay for the extraordinary improvements that you can achieve.
  • Low cost- For the amount of thoughtful, quality information that you are provided through the program, anabolic running is well worth the cost. This particular program is much more cost effective than many other fitness programs online for virtually the same information making a fantastic choice if you are on a budget
  • The stuff works- The program actually works if you stick to the details closely. If you follow the program accordingly, eat the proper diet in the right proportions, and exercise according to how you should in the program you will see results. Its not easy, but the information in the program ensures that you will see results if you follow through.
  • Backed by real scientific studies- Joes research is all based on legitimate findings and studies. The program is grounded on the researches ways in which you can boost testosterone through increasing your insulin, lactic acid and nitric oxide levels. These findings are well documented as effective methods for gaining muscle.
  • 60 day money back guarantee- You may decide that the program simply is not right for you or that you don’t have the time or effort to follow through with it. For whatever reason if you don’t feel like following through you can simply ask for a refund in the first 60 days. The customer support never asks questions.

The Cons- Anabolic Running Review

anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat

  • Its not easy- This program can be challenging for some. The workouts, although they do not go for long can be difficult due to the intensity. In addition, the program primarily targets men. One of the key points of the program is to boost testosterone so unless you are a woman and are looking for a program that will do that, then its probably not for most gals.
  • Its not for everyone- The Anabolic Running program is for men only. And as what Joe says, his program is more suited for men who are 30 to 60 years old.In addition, if you’re not ready to cut back your time for intense cardio workouts or traditional running, you might want to skip this one for now.
  • Results may vary depending on who you are- The anabolic running program helps different people in different ways. Under no circumstances can you expect to begin the program and then achieve ground breaking results in a matter of days. For different people the results may come quicker or slower. It really just depends on your body and how much effort you put into it.
  • Might not be the best choice for beginners- Anabolic running is designed for those whom already have a base level of fitness. You must already be somewhat in shape and must be able to do intense training sessions for short intervals. For those who are morbidly obese, the program might still work but it will certainly take a longer amount of time to achieve the results you might want.


anabolic-running-1 Anabolic Running Review - Build Muscle & Melt Fat

For such an affordable cost, this program is a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking to take their fitness game and physique up to the next level. The workout routines are a bit challenging however, they are certainly more appealing than running on a treadmill for two hours every day. Overall, it’s a great program if you are serious about getting into killer shape and I would strongly recommend it.

Thank you for reading my anabolic running review- I hope it helped!

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